Lateral Hip Pain, could it be Gluteal Tendinopathy or a Bursitis?

Traditionally, pain on the outside of the hip was always attributed to a gluteal/trochanteric bursitis. More recently, literature has found that only around 20% of people with lateral hip pain have a bursitis. More commonly, the pain can be caused by a tendinopathy of the gluteus Medius or Minimus. This pain on the outside of your hip can be quite debilitating, especially if it begins to negatively affect your everyday activities and sleep.


What causes Gluteal Tendinopathy?

  • Increasing your training frequency or load too quickly
  • Running on uneven or cambered surfaces
  • Sitting with crossed legs
  • Weakness through lateral hip muscles, and tightness through the adductor muscles
  • “Hanging” on your hips while standing (see image below)

Glut Tendinopathy 

Most commonly occurring in active populations, such as joggers, runners, and hikers. Despite commonly affecting younger active people, it can also affect older populations due to de-training of the gluteal muscles. Another common way someone may develop gluteal tendinopathy can be by falling on the side of their hip.


How gluteal tendinopathy may present

  • Pain over the lateral hip bone that may radiate down the lateral thigh.
  • Tenderness over the lateral hip bone
  • Hip weakness
  • Pain with sleeping on affected side
  • Pain when sitting cross legged
  • Pain at the beginning of activity, that then alleviates after a warm-up, then the pain is worse the next morning


How Osteopathy could help you

If you have a combination of the symptoms or have been diagnosed with gluteal tendinopathy, osteopathy might be the right choice for you. An Osteopath can help to address the root cause of why the tendinopathy occurred in the first place. This may include giving exercises to help strengthen up your gluteal muscles and tendons or addressing any muscle imbalances that could have contributed to the development of the pain.

Come see one of the knowledgeable staff at Fine Tune Osteopathy to see if your lateral hip pain may be due to a gluteal tendinopathy.