NZ Registered Osteopath

Agnieszka graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) in London and was awarded a Masters in Osteopathy degree, a diploma in Osteopathy and also a Diploma in Naturopathy. She also holds a BSc in Physiotherapy from Poland where she comes from.

The combination of physiotherapy, osteopathy and naturopathy backgrounds allows her to help patients deal with their problems on a wide spectrum, incorporating body systems, physiological changes, but also diet, lifestyle and emotional state.

Agnieszka is passionate about diagnostics and neuro-musculo-skeletal problem solving. She is dedicated to providing high quality and innovative treatment. She uses a broad range of osteopathic hands-on techniques with exercise rehabilitation, stretching and naturopathic nutritional and lifestyle adjustment individually tailored to suit a variety of people from the very young to the elderly.

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EU Gene Chong M.OST, DO (UK)
NZ Registered Osteopath

Eu Gene graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in the UK. He holds a Masters in Osteopathy. He is also a fully qualified Pharmacist and practiced in that field for 9 years ranging from Hospitals to Community Clinics in Australia and Malaysia.

Eu Gene’s journey with Osteopathy has started after his knee injury. He was seeking multiple different treatments to help with the pain, hoping the problem can be resolved. With a very little result from multiple different therapies, he decided to travel to the UK. He has discovered a need to address both the biomechanics of the body as well as the psychological aspect, and found Osteopathy to be very beneficial in his healing journey. Eu Gene considers himself as a health facilitator and his aim is to guide his patients back to health avoiding many pitfalls he encountered in the past.

Eu Gene uses his manual therapy skills to modify symptoms of pain and calm the nervous system down with the aim of teaching the body to self-organise. The main techniques he uses are general osteopathic techniques (GOT), lymphatic drainage, fascia therapy, Mulligan concept, Bowen & Emmett techniques.

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Julia Kaiser 
Osteopath, Massage Therapist

Julia studied Osteopathy and Physiotherapy in Germany and has over 20 years’ experience in treating athletes and sport injuries, postoperative patients as well as patients suffering from posture related pain.

During her treatments, Julia aims to minimise restrictions and improve the patient`s ease of daily

While she is waiting for the recognition of her osteopathic qualification, she offers therapeutic massages (remedial, sport and relaxation) and is very excited to join our team at Fine Tune