Naturopathy considers you as an individual, taking into account all aspects of your life; not just your body and how systems are interconnected, but also lifestyle, diet and mental state. These all tie in together to affect your overall health.

Naturopathy takes a holistic approach to health, integrating traditional knowledge of plant, vitamin, and mineral use with current scientific research.

This holistic approach recognises nature's therapeutic properties as well as the body's innate healing ability. As well as providing symptomatic relief, naturopathy aims to identify and correct the underlying causes of illness or imbalance.

What is a Naturopath

A Naturopath is a health practitioner who uses non-toxic natural therapies to help you achieve the highest possible level of health. At a time when modern technology, environmental pollution, poor diet, and stress play a significant role in the degradation of health, a Naturopath’s ability to apply natural methods of healing is of considerable importance. A Natural Health Practitioner draws from a specialized knowledge of nutrition, lifestyle changes, herbs, vitamins and minerals and many more to assist the body’s natural healing process.
Frequently, a Naturopath is the last resort in a patient’s long search for health. Providing personalised care to each patient, the naturopath sees humankind as a holistic unity of body, mind, and spirit.

Using a range of alternative methods of diagnosis, a Naturopath can often successfully pin-point a predisposition in the body, before the onset of acute disease, and treat the patient with specific therapies and changes in the patient’s lifestyle.

What does a treatment Consist of

An initial consultation with a Naturopath normally takes about an hour. During this time the Naturopath will ask questions about the person’s condition, medical history, diet and lifestyle, and any conventional treatments that they may be taking. The consulting Naturopath may then use Iridology (looking into the iris), or tongue and nail diagnosis to get a better picture of the complete health state of the client. If needed, pathology testing such as hair, stool, or blood analysis may be recommended.

Once all of the information is gathered, a treatment plan is formulated that addresses all areas of the person’s life, providing the body with the optimum chance to heal itself. The treatment plan may include advice on diet, lifestyle, exercise, herbal medicine, homeopathic treatments, or other suitable remedies. A Naturopath may also refer the client to other practitioners as part of an integrated health care approach.